Mobile Home Lift Nederland

dry feet when you need it

MHL Nederland is an innovative company with a lot of experience in the metal sector and has designed the lifting systems at the request of regular customers.

You do not want this to happen with your chalet or mobile home.


Static system

  • manual operation
  • maximum 2 meters lifting height
  • set up and remove within half an hour

Dynamic system

  • self-floating
  • maximum 3 meters lifting height

Floating terraces / pontoons

  • stylish
  • hypermodern
  • with or without balustrade, in glass or stainless steel

Floating houses

  • stylish
  • hypermodern
  • boathouse composed in combination with a chalet or mobile home (applicable for all weights and sizes)
  • floating houses as a replacement for your old houseboat. (ask for possible arrangements)
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Securing Mobile Homes in areas with a high flood risk. Due to the violent climate changes, the risks are increasing each year.

Quality management

Alle materials are tested according to ISO standards.

Weather resistant

The entire structure is hot-dip galvanized, and therefore resistant to all weather conditions.